Contract Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Diamond Post-Op Care for your post-operative recovery care and stay. At Diamond Post-Op Care, we strive to offer our clientele the utmost compassion and care. The information provided below will explain your stay conditions and terms. Our mission statement is to provide a safe healthy professional and calming environment for you during your recovery period.


Deposits required to stay in our Recovery Facility are to be considered non-refundable with the condition of a possible 50% return in the event of Medical Cancellation or Natural Disaster documentation must be submitted and is subject to management approval. If you decide to cancel your reservation for any other reason, we reserve the right to remand your deposit under these terms and conditions. We will offer each guest the ability to reschedule their reservation for a period of 6 months. After that time has passed deposit will be remanded and a new reservation with a deposit must be made to book your future stay.

A $400.00 is required to book all reservations with Diamond Post-Op Care. Deposits may be increased for multiple guests or private accommodations as these Rooms book quickly and far in advance. All remaining balances for your stay will be due 7 days prior to arrival. Payments may be submitted on your stay prior to your arrival via Zelle or Cash app. Account information for transfers or cash deposits is available upon request. Failure to pay your balance in full 7 days prior to arrival will result in the cancellation of your reservation and remand of your deposit for reservation. All payments are Non-refundable.

If you chose to stay at a hotel prior to your scheduled arrival date/surgery, it is your responsibility to arrange transportation to the clinic for surgery also transportation from the airport to your hotel. Diamond Post-Op provides the following transportation:

  • Pre-op pick up
  • Surgery pick up
  • Prescription filling
  • 1 post-op appointment
  • Miami International and Ft. Lauderdale Airport drop-off.

Airport transportation times are as followed Monday – Saturday 8 am – 11 am only. Any airport transportation outside of the allotted time is the client’s responsibility. Diamond Post-Op Care does not provide pre-operative transportation.


Check-in Time is 3 pm. If your flight arrives prior to check-in, please arrange transportation to your surgical center for your pre-operative appointment. In the event, you must check-in or request to check-in prior to the check-in time a fee of $95.00 is required. However, you will not be able to check into your room until it is ready for you at 3 pm. You may enjoy the common areas of our Recovery Home until your room is ready for you.

Check-out time is 11 am. Late check-out is available for a fee of $130.00 this will extend your check-out time to 5 pm. Failure to check out at the allotted check out time without securing your late check out, will result in an additional charge of a 1-night stay at the rate of $225.00 Transportation to the airport begins at 8 am and ends at 11 am. We advise you to book your flights accordingly to avoid any extra fees and charges. On the day of check out, transportation to the airport is the only service you will receive. If any additional transportation is needed on that day, we advise you to obtain an Uber or Lyft. Once you leave our stay on your day of departure you will not have airport drop-off available to you if you used Uber or Lyft to go to the store or any other appointment. Your Recovery stay package includes your accommodations, 3 daily meals, and snacks, medical supplies poise pads, gauze, peroxide, urinal.

These items may be subject to change or availability, please bring supplies required and suggested by your surgeon and for your specific procedure. Garments may be available for purchase at the Recovery Home.  

Conditions for cancelation and refund

This includes the following circumstances for cancellation:
  • The procedure has been canceled due to medical reasons or failure to provide true and correct information.
  • In the event you are hospitalized or have a medical emergency, a refund of the balance of the stay may be considered but at the discretion of Diamond Post-Op management.
In the event, a refund is granted a payment of check by mail will be issued. No Cash refunds will be given. Refunds are processed 7-10 business days after cancellation and may take up to 30 days to receive. Please provide the correct mailing address to receive your refund it is not our responsibility if you do not receive your refund for failure to provide correct information. If you decide to leave early you would not be refunded.

Pricing & Package

Recovery Packages are all-inclusive and cannot be itemized or billed separately. Private duty nursing care is available upon request at a fee of $55.00 per hour. A minimum of 4 hours is required when booking a private duty nurse.

Diamond Post-Op offers in-house body contouring services, in the event you would like to use an outside therapist, Diamond Post-Op does require the vendor to provide Identification and License information. In the event, they cannot be verified access to the facility will be denied.

Clients understand that Diamond Post-Op staff is on call 24 hours a day for the entire stay and is shared by the entire recovery facility. Diamond Post-Op agrees to maintain liability insurance and complete a full background check on all of its employees.

Clients may request additional information regarding staff to client ratio by contacting our booking department.

If you would like to contract a private nurse to assist, please notify management and a private nurse will be arranged for you. Payment for Private duty services is due in full prior to the start of care.


If you decide to take other medication that the doctor does not prescribe, we are not responsible for anything happening to you.

Our job is to call 911 or take you to the hospital. If You take more narcotics than you are instructed and something happens we will not be responsible but to call 911 or take you to the Emergency.

Items to Bring

Bed pads, Tylenol PM, Tylenol Muscle, Personal items hygiene deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, Toothbrush, comfortable clothing for check out, high blood pressure medication, vitamins, Floradix, beets powder, Arnica Gel, Arnica Tea, 2 pairs of compression socks, please bring a carry on no bigger bag.

If you don’t bring your items, you can buy them in the Recovery Home


If you book a private room and other employees need to use the restroom and other bathrooms are being used they are allowed to go in the bathroom.

Bathroom Instrauctions

The first 24 hours after surgery, you are not allowed to go to the bathroom, If you decide to go on your own and something happens we are not responsible we will call 911 or take you to the emergency.


Laundry will be closed at 6:00 pm we will only be washing faja, compression socks, robes. The kitchen will be closed at 7:00 pm.

Other Rules:

Here at Diamond Post-Op, you will be served 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch, dinner. We will be serving healthy meals, if you decide you don’t want to eat the meals you can order from Uber eats and snacks such as yogurts, granola bars, fruits, chips, juice and etc.

We are not allowed to touch your private parts, we will assist you and watch to make sure you’re ok.