Meet Our CEO

Six figure nurse, entrepreneur, and financial freedom coach, with over 12 years of nursing experience. Harriet has a heart and passion to helping others in need uplift her community, especially when it comes to their health, wellness, and getting them financial freedom. She loves being healthy, passionate about beauty, thus has been dreaming of having a business which entitles all of that.

Harriet is experienced in many nursing specialties including emergency/trauma, oncology, ICU,
critical care, specialties, telemetry, medical surgical hospice, rehab and long term care. She has worked as supervisor for 6 years in a nursing home rehab facility while travelling the US,
gaining a wide range of experience dealing with various patient population and overall a more efficient nurse quick on her feet adapting greater skills. She is excited about showcasing her nursing and entrepreneurial skills to help those in the cosmetic industry.